I may drool over a great dress as much as the next woman, but I’m no fashion maven. Last night, on the recommendation of a couple of friends, I watched “The September Issue” and found myself moved by this world I know nothing about, and especially by the stunning photo shoots hatched by Vogue’s creative director Grace Coddington. If I wasn’t already cozy in bed, I would have rushed to the newsstand to buy the latest issue to catch up on what I’ve been missing for the last twenty years.

Ms. Coddington is a creative genius who, at one point in the film, is driving through Paris in preparation for a shoot. With the streets of Paris streaming past her window, she says how in her early days photographer Norman Parkinson told her, Always keep your eyes open, never go to sleep in the car, keep watching, because whatever you see  out the window or wherever, it can inspire you.